As part of the HARPA Nordic Film Music Days Sunday February 18nd HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award will be handed out for the 8th time

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HARPA Nordic Film Music Days will once again take place at the Nordische Botschaften in Berlins Tiergarten-area and in 2018 Nordic Film Music Days are inviting editors, producers, directors, sound designers a.o. to a session of informal speed-meeting with the Nordic composers.

Nordic Film Music Days at Nordische Botschaften is an opportunity to see, hear and meet some of the Nordic film- and mediacomposers. You can attend the seminars and lectures, you can take a lunch with them, you can speedmeet them, applaud the winner of HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award and get a damned good beer at the afterparty.

Following the great international branding around "Nordic Noir" and the popular wave of Nordic TV shows that have gone around the world HARPA Nordic Film Music Days at the Nordische Botschaften offers the opportunity to present Nordic film- and mediacomposers to the film industry present at the Berlinale. Using the multiple opportunities of the Nordische Botschaften HARPA Nordic Film Music Days will also offer opportunities for capacity-building network meetings and workshops for Nordic film- and mediacomposers.

HARPA Nordic Film Music Days is supported by Nordic Film and Tv Foundation, Nordic Culture Fond and the Nordic Embassies of Berlin.


In 2018 the nominees for HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award is: 

  • Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen (Denmark) for his score for Amanda Kernell's 'Sameblood'. Meet Kristian 
  • Daníel Bjarnason (Iceland) for his score for Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson feature film 'Under the Tree'. Meet Daniel  
  • Miska and Juri Seppä (Finland) for their score for Rike Jokela's 'Tatu and Patu'. Meet Miska and Juri
  • Henrik Skram (Norway) for his score for  Synne Teksum's 'Snøfall'
    Meet Henrik
  • Björn Olsson (Sweden) for his score for Johannes Nyholms 'Jätten' 
    Meet Björn


The winner will be selected by an international jury

  • Christine auf der Haar (Suisse)
  • Brian Satterwhite (USA)
  • Nuno Freire Malo (Portugal)